Dirndl Skirt Pattern Diagram for Misses Size 4

The measurements used here are for a Misses Size 4. You can see how this dirndl looks as part of my current sewing and draping project, The Dirndl Dress. This pattern may be freely used, graded, circulated and made up into skirts or as part of dresses whether privately or commercially made.

The finished skirt length is 25 1/2″. On a woman about 5’5″-5’6″ who is a Misses Size 4 it will be slightly below the knee.

You may preview how the completed Dirndl Skirt will look as part of my Dirndl Dress. This pattern was used to complete the skirt portion of that dress. The dress was made of a medium weight quilting cotton and underlined with cotton batiste. It will work even better with light to medium weight fabric specifically made for skirts or dresses.

All pattern pieces are shown without 1/2″ seam allowances. You must add them at the time of cutting the fabric or when drafting the pattern. It’s up to you.

The skirt and waistband are drafted for a skirt that rests at the natural waistline. Although some sewing blogs are calling such skirts “high waisted skirts” it is not the high waist. It simply seems high because of the ongoing popularity of the low waisted skirts that rest at abdominal or hip level. A high waisted skirt, technically speaking, can be 1 to 2″ above the natural waistline.

Front Dirndl Skirt Patternmaking Diagram Misses Size 4.

Pattern Diagram I Skirt Front

Skirt Front
A-B= 14 3/4″
C-D=14 3/4″
A-F and B-#=8″ (Hipline. See note at end of measurements.)
D-H and G-C=2 1/2″

1″ high Waistband
This waistband has 1″ of style ease added and a 3/4″ underlap.
A-B=27 1/4″
C-D=27 1/4″
A-E and B-F=1″
B-G and C-H=3/4″

Patternmaking Diagram II for Dirndl Skirt back, Misses Size r.

Pattern Diagram II Skirt Back

Skirt Back
A-B=24 1/4″
C-D=24 1/4″
A-F and B-E=8″ (Hipline. See Note at end of measurements.)
D-A and C-G= 2 1/2″
A-I= 1/2″ (back waistline at Center Back)
Connect point B and I by a straight line to get the back waistline.

Note about hipline: I use 8″ below the waistline instead of the standard 7″ below the waistline because this is the widest part of the hipline for a Standard Misses Size 4. The importance of using the proper measurement suitable for your own figure cannot be emphasized enough. A skirt should open and be easy to put on without tugging and pulling. You can always buy a longer zipper and shorten it when making a skirt. Always use the distance from your own waistline to the widest part of your hips when determining the zipper length.


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