Fabric covered belts and buckles: Might as well do it myself!

I’ve been waiting two weeks for a catalog from a maker of custom covered belts. In a way it’s good the catalog hasn’t come yet because I’ve had time to rethink my need for this service.

The total outlay for supplies to make a fabric covered belt will begin to repay me the more I use them. In comparison, the cost for the two covered belts I need can run anywhere from $20-30 each depending on who I’d go with for the service.

This is where sewing blogs like those run by Coletterie and A Fashionable Stitch have been very valuable to me. I know experienced sewists who tell me that the blogs are clever marketing tools to drive consumers to buy the products featured at the blogs. While it is true that such blogs are part of marketing/research/development they are also community centering and creating. I give these blogs extra points (and Thank Yous) for the sincere effort made to educate their followers. There’s always something new to learn and the sharing of something so simple as a beltmaking tutorial can have a big impact on a sewists approach. Seeing the photos and the process has greatly encouraged me to do it myself!

Part of my initial hesitation was due to an oncoming virus that drained my energies. A week of bedrest and a good checkup have renewed my mind and body. I see no reason why I shouldn’t try and share the results here.

Crop-A-Dile Eyelet Setter from Joanne’s.

I’ve just ordered the eyelet setter from Joanne’s. It was on sale plus I love the shade of pink it comes in.

Beltmaking kit from Maxant.

I was also able to locate a complete beltmaking kit for $7.99 each. This one is from Maxant Miracle Products. I chose a 3/4″ high belt buckle because that seemed to be more delicate. I think that will be the right height for The Dirndl Dress. Anything bigger could clash with the gathers of the dress and the rather thick appearance of the quilting cotton fabric used for the finished dress.

If you have an interest in making your own fabric covered belts I recommend you check out the sources I did when making my decision.

Coletterie’s Beltmaking Tutorial

Elegant Musing’s Beltmaking Tutorial

A Fashionable Stitch’s Beltmaking Tutorial

Maxant Miracle Products Beltmaking Supplies


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  1. Isn’t it marvelous the way you can learn so much from blogs? I have tried all sorts of things because I read about them. I haven’t made a belt, but I’ve become quite confident about covering buttons. Look forward to seeing the completed dress (and belt!)


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