1934 Basic Fitting Shell Guidebook with some pattern transformations

I have located another free, downloadable booklet for sewists and dressmakers interested in vintage styles.

A Guide Pattern for Home Sewing
Oregon State Agricultural College, Extension Service
Extension Bulletin 473, August 1934, Home Economics Series

To access and download the booklet proceed as follows:

1. Navigate to http://jubilee101.com/subscription/free-sewing-books/
2. Click on the third link for “A Guide Pattern for Home Sewing-30 pages.”
3. After the PDF file opens you can use your Browser save feature.

The “Guide Pattern” described in this booklet is what we call a fitting shell today. There are clear diagrams of different bodice, sleeve and skirt patterns with their alterations for common fitting problems.

The modern reader will need a little time to orient themselves to the illustrations of the pattern pieces. Today we use the left side of the pattern. In this 1934 booklet all pattern pieces were drafted for the right side.

I am looking forward to reading through this guidebook because there are several pattern transformations for sleeves and necklines that are distinctly 1930s in feeling. I hope you will find it of use, too.