Easy Guide to Sewing Skirts–A free, downloadable PDF booklet

My next project will be a 1950s inspired skirt and blouse. I plan weekly (if possible) postings covering the pattern and construction details of each part of the process.

While researching vintage circle skirt styles, I came across a 38 page booklet on how to sew skirts. The booklet uses current techniques. It is not a vintage sewing guide. However, I think it is a helpful resource for sewists, whether they draft their own patterns or use commercial patterns. It contains clear photos of different styles of skirts and includes:

1. How to obtain the correct measurements for your skirt pattern.
2. How to do a pin fitting of your skirt pattern.
3. Alterations for some common fitting problems.
4. A brief guide to suitable fabrics for skirts.

The booklet is entitled, “Easty Guide to Sewing Skirts”.
To access and download the booklet proceed as follows:

1. Navigate to http://jubilee101.com/subscription/free-sewing-books/
2. Click on the fifth link for “Easy Guide to Sewing Skirts-39 pages.”
3. After the PDF file opens you can use your Browser save feature.

I hope my blog friends and readers will consider adding this booklet to their reference library. And the wonderful thing is that it’s free of charge!

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the PDF file.