Dressmaking Supplies: Dritz Ergo Tracing Wheels

Smooth (left) and serrated (right) edged tracing wheels by Dritz. The ergonomically designed handle makes handling the tracing wheel very easy.

The toiles for my next project are nearing completion. During the cutting and marking my old tracing wheel broke mainly because I pressed heavily upon it. It was one of those tools that seems like it has always been in the cookie tin I use as a sewing box.

Not having any fabric or craft stores near my home I went to Amazon to check out what they had. I decided that while I was shopping for a textile reference book I could always add a few sewing supplies to the order, too.

When I read the reviews for the Dritz Tracing wheels with ergonomically designed handles I was sure I had found what I was looking for. Customers said that it was very easy to handle and did a good job of transferring the markings to the fabric.

Close-up o the serrated edge tracing wheel.

After they arrived I was not disappointed. The curved handle makes moving the wheel along the fabric much smoother and I don’t need to exert as much pressure to get the tracing paper to transfer the markings to the fabric. The serrated edge is also gentle enough not to leave a deep impression on the fabric.

Close up of smooth edge tracing wheel.

The smooth edge tracing wheel also works very well.

One thing I learned while working on the toiles for this new project is that it is best not to keep reusing an old sheet of dressmakers tracing paper, especially if it has been lying around awhile. After switching to a clean, new sheet I found I did not have to press hard upon the tracing wheel at all. Lesson learned. From now on I will cut and use strips of fresh tracing paper for each garment or toile I mark.

Note: I am not affiliated with any vendor or manufacturer.