Beauty Break: Olive oil scrub for rough hands

I think that every seamstress has handled, at some point, a fabric that dried the skin. Having rough hands and fingertips is not conducive to fine hand sewing. Right after handling the waistband stiffener it was hard for me to handle the more delicate straight pins I need for practicing draping in lightweight muslin.

“Oliveoil” by Manfred Chua.
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My late Mom devised an olive oil-sugar scrub that worked wonderfully for me, right after the first application! I recommend it to anyone.

I never got the proportions written down but the preparation is very simple.

In a small bowl, add 2-3 tablespoons of granulated white sugar. I use Domino’s brand.

After this add a teaspoonful at a time of olive oil. Any grade will do, it doesn’t have to be any particular brand. I get small bottles of Goya Spanish Olive oil at a local 99 cents store. I do advise, though, against olive oil blends. The softening effect is not the same when these are used.

Mix the sugar and olive oil mixture until it begins to clump together.

First, wash your hands with a mild soap and water. Then dry. Next, take a generous amount of the sugar-olive oil mixture and work it into your hands rubbing until you feel the skin becoming smoother. Then rinse and pat your hands dry. They will begin to feel softer immediately. If the olive oil has not completely been absorbed wash your hands again to remove the extra traces of oil.

This scrub can be used at night to give the olive oil a chance to sink into the skin. You can also use it a few times a day if needed.

I do not recommend handling fabrics right after using the scrub but within a few days you won’t need to use it anymore. Your skin will have recovered from much of the dryness.