The real name of the “waistband stiffener” is Ban Roll

I am happy to post that I’ve found the correct name for the waistband stiffener I posted about when constructing The Donna Half-Circle Skirt. Last Friday, I took a day off from work to attend a Microsoft Word Training Class. On my way to the school, I passed by Steinlauf & Stoller on West 39th Street, in the heart of New York City’s Garment Center. When I asked for waistband stiffener and showed my sample, I was told the correct name is Ban Roll.

So now you know what the correct name is. I’ve found a few places besides Steinlauf & Stoller where Ban Roll can be ordered on-line. I prefer Steinlauf & Stoller because they permit you to buy by the yard instead of the roll. I also support them for being a long-time business in the Garment Center and a supplier of quality dressmaking supplies to the trade and the home sewist.

Steinlauf & Stoller:

B. Black & Sons:

Sew True:

I should be posting about the new roll collar with lapels for The Donna Blouse over the coming weekend. It’s been so very cold in my corner of Brooklyn, New York that I really want to sleep the rest of winter away and wake up on a lovely, warm Spring day. Still, visions of this completed outfit fill my mind so I will get up and get on with it for sure!