RetroGlam is going on a winter break…

Just to let everyone know I am going to keep a low profile for now. Mostly due to utter exhaustion caused by the severe winter weather we are having in the New York City area. It’s cold outside and my apartment is in a very old 4 family house. No matter how much heat the landlord sends up within an hour or two it’s damp and chilling once more.

The Donna Blouse will be back in the Spring, all completed with photos and thoughts about this project. I just can’t give an end date for that since my sewing has slowed to a crawl. Some weekends it’s so cold outside that once I return home from my shopping and errands all I want to do is curl up under a quilt, get warm and dream about the forthcoming spring and summer days.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to use this hibernation mode as a time to read up on various topics which I’ll briefly post about here. It just doesn’t feel so good to be sewing when it’s so chilly. Somehow a cup of tea, a quilt all around me and a good book seem more appropriate to the time of year.

So be on the look out for book reviews, some topics related to patternmaking, scans of vintage fashions…all food for thought and hopefully inspiration for your creative spirit.