Free Downloadable Booklet: “Buttons and Buttonholes”

Determining how to place buttonholes is an art in itself. One has to consider how many inches up from the hem where the last button will be. Then how far down from the neckline for the first button. In between this space the other buttonholes must be placed so that there is adequate closure and the garment will not gape when worn.

Another tricky part is calculating how much space should be between buttonholes. This is where I spend much time before marking and cutting the openings for the buttonholes. I use information from my sewing books as well as guides such as “Buttons and Buttonholes” to help me determine placement, number of buttonholes and how much space to put between each one.

I plan to show how this process goes in the next posting but for now thought some of my readers would find this booklet helpful. As always, read the instructions, experiment, practice, plan and then execute.

I recommend downloading this booklet since it makes a nice addition to your Dressmaker’s Library with easy, simple instructions and illustrations.

“Buttons & Buttonholes:
University of Kentucky-College of Agriculture
Cooperative Extension Service
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