New Project: Drafting the Basic Unfitted Bodice and Sleeve

I’m ready to start the next phase of sharing how to make simple patterns that can be adapted to create flattering garments with a retro inspired look.

In the next four postings are the drafting instructions for:

1. Unfitted Bodice Back
2. Unfitted Bodice Back with Shoulder Dart
3. Unfitted Bodice Front
4. Basic Unfitted Sleeve

The instructions are as detailed and simplified as I can make them. I’ve taken special care to illustrate all measurements and calculations using the measurements for a Misses Size 4. Anyone wanting to create a pattern using the Standard Size 4 measurements can just use the instructions as is. Otherwise you will need to take measurements as described on the page “How to Take Measurements”. Then substitute your own measurements for the sample Size 4 measurement used in the drafting instructions.

I have not had enough time to make high quality diagrams but hope to do so in the future. In the meantime, I hope the pencil sketched ones I’ve uploaded now will suffice until I make neater ones.

I will share the fitting of the sleeve and bodice once I complete it. The instructions that follow are for a basic toile used to check the accuracy of the measurements and fit. Once this is determined the Unfitted Bodice and Sleeve become the basis for many styles of blouses.

I am not providing instructions for a sloper or a pattern block. This system uses a new draft to which style ease is added when creating the pattern that will be transformed into a particular design.