The Donna Skirt and Blouse: Adding a little touch of Glam!

It is very possible to accessorize a retro-inspired outfit without the need to purchase expensive vintage merchandise. Pointy toed shoes from the early 2000s can substitute for authentic 1950s stiletto or kitten heeled shoes. Earrings, bracelets, scatter pins and necklaces that echo some elements of the 1940s through 1950s costume jewelry are also good choices. Thrift shops are one source for the shoes and you’d be surprised how 99 cent stores can often turn up jewelry that can fit your needs.

My goal in showing how I accessorize my own designs is to encourage others to go after creating a mood or sense of a period style without having to resort to a strict recreation of the time period. This is often more challenging but can also be an opportunity to use your own creative flair.


The completed Donna Skirt and Blouse. The blouse is made with 100% lightweight cotton shirting. The skirt is made from a rayon poly blend called Linaire.


Back view of the Donna Skirt and Blouse.



The smooth fit under the half-circle skirt is achieved by using a blouse yoke.


Pointy toe shoes by American Eagle made circa 2005.

Side view of the American Eagle shoe.

The American Eagle shoes from 2005 lend a 1950s feeling to the complete outfit and are comfortable enough to wear even on a busy day when out and around.

A stretch bracelet made with rhinestones completes the look.

To keep things simple, I chose an inexpensive rhinestone bracelet to complete the look. The rhinestone flowers complement the floral design of the blouse and the silver blends nicely with the entire feeling of the finished outfit.

While I started out with an inspiration from the early 1960s sit-com called “The Donna Reed Show” that included memories of what the actress Donna Reed wore as the project progressed the selection of fabrics and accessories contributed to something unique in its own right.