Secretary Blouse with Pussycat Bow Part 3: Creating a Horizontal Side Dart

The Basic Unfitted Bodice is drafted to include Style Ease as described in Part 1 of this series of postings for the Secretary Blouse.

The vintage pattern illustration used as the basis for the RetroGlam Secretary Blouse has a horizontal side dart. The instructions which follow detail how to create this dart on the Basic Unfitted Bodice Front.

Dart Manipulation to create a horizontal side dart on unfitted bodice front pattern.

1. Measure the M to W distance of the dart on the Basic Unfitted Bodice.

2. From point T, mark half of the M-W distance downward. Mark Point a and join with Point U (apex).

3. Cut the pattern along the M-U line and tape closed.

4. Cut the pattern from Point a to U (apex). This opens the new horizontal side dart.

5. Shorten the length of the dart by moving the end of the dart about 1/2″ or slightly more away from the apex Point U. (Illustration 2)

6. Redraw the dart.

The next posting will detail how to shape the V-neckline and lengthen the bodice to create the blouse pattern.