Downloadable books at Global Grey

The book which I use for custom pattern drafting is based on the method used by French dressmakers in the 1950s.  I am very happy to announce that this sought after book is now available in PDF format at Global Grey.  The URL is:

Global Grey is a labor of love run by Aisha.  Her passion for making out-of-print books available has resulted in this website.  I encourage anyone who downloads a copy of the patternmaking book to give a small donation towards the upkeep of the site.  Aisha runs it on the donations she gets from visitors and then makes up the difference with her own money.  Let’s support her in this effort.  Her work to make out-of-print books available to a new generation is a worthwhile endeavor.

A booklet of 1960s crochet and knitting patterns for hats is also available for download:

If anyone is nostalgic about the fashions teenage dolls wore in the early 1960s I recommend checking out the booklet of outfits for the Tammy doll by Ideal.  The link for this booklet is

To learn more about Aisha and Global Grey, please visit her About page at


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