1930s Sew-Along: Side zipper application


I meant to reblog a very helpful posting from Carol’s blog By Way of Thanks.  There is a scan of an original 1930s pattern instruction sheet showing how to apply a zipper to the side seam of a skirt.  Instructions for sewing a zipper into a sleeve are also included.  Carol has transcribed the instructions so they are easy to follow.

Please check out her posting at:
Left side skirt zipper and zippered sleeve openings

Due to my selecting the wrong blog, the reposting went to my family history blog.  WordPress will not permit me to reblog this posting again so I am notifying everyone about it this way.

This information will be of interest to those following Norma’s 1930s Sew-Along at She Sews You Know.


2 thoughts on “1930s Sew-Along: Side zipper application

  1. I follow it too so I saw the original. I have stuff on the skirt placket with snap fastenings you mentioned. I can’t transfer scans to my laptop at the moment but I’ll post the 1934 piece from my book as soon as possible.
    PS. Do you prefer Emily? Emily Ann? Please let me know.

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