Thank you, Carol!

Carol of bywayofthanks has posted a vintage pattern instruction sheet from 1953 at her blog.  It is of interest to those of us participating in Norma’s 1930s Sew Along because the sheet includes details on how to make a snap closure in a side seam.

Along with providing this information, Carol is going to make a sample.  I am so happy she is sharing her time and resources with us.  I’m learning so much already.

I’ve been delayed in posting the next tutorial on lining the Sheath Skirt with Modesty Kickpleat.  I just got my notebook back after it went in for some repairs.  I have to reinstall the scanner, printer and digital camera.  In addition I now have a conference next week and two days in New Jersey for my job.  The tug and pull of the New Year is setting in.  So things may be slowing down BUT be assured I continue with each project and will keep you all updated.

My reblogging of Carol’s post went to the wrong blog, so please click on this link to see the posting 1953 Left Side Snap Fastening.


2 thoughts on “Thank you, Carol!

  1. All this information is already helping me. I’m so looking forward to beginning once I finish the sheath skirt. I think on a straight seam snaps work out well. But side seams are tricky, especially on fitted clothes since the curves and indents put the seam onto a slight bias.


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