1930s Sew-Along Fabric Selected: Need advice for belt and bow

I’ve selected the design elements for the 1930s Sew-Along with Norma of SheSewsYouKnow, as well as the fabric. Here they are.

The floral print rayon fabric has a soft drape and I think will work well with the blouse. The navy blue skirt fabric is a lightweight poly gabardine that is soft enough to fall smoothly over the hips and has enough body to hold the flare at the hem. I also have a poly navy blue lining I’m thinking of using to make a partial lining from waist to abdomen inside the skirt. I also have navy poly organza for the blouse interfacing.

The blouse will be based on the bodice of this 1930s dress. It will be an over blouse complete with the bow and the belt. I’d LOVE for some advice as to what color the belt should be and what color the bow should be. I was thinking of navy for the belt and red for the bow. It’s always more fun to get input and another person’s ideas, so please add them to the comment section of this posting.

The skirt will have six gores with the center of the panel running on the straight vertical grain. It should fall something like the gold colored skirt in the illustration. Since an over blouse will be worn with it, I will finish the waistline with a facing.

I’m so glad we’re doing this at a very leisurely pace. It’s much more enjoyable and does not feel like work. I have enough of deadlines with other parts of my life. It’s very satisfying to let a project develop gradually and watch it take a life of its own.

Since I’m calling this outfit Carole after 1930s film star Carole Lombard, I’ll be putting Carole in the subject lines of the posting as well as a link to Norma’s blog at the start of each poting.


4 thoughts on “1930s Sew-Along Fabric Selected: Need advice for belt and bow

  1. I like the idea of a red bow. I think a red belt might look good too.
    I love the patterns: both would be lovely in any era.
    Do you know if skirts were usually lined in the 1930s? I know dresses had slips but I don’t know about skirts.

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  2. Good. I think red is great for the bow. I’ll have to play around with scraps to see how it will look for the belt. That’s a good question about the skirt lining. I just spent a half-hour googling old catalog advertisements and vintaage pattern sheets. I figured there would be details but I couldn’t find anything. What worries me are the curvy seams from waist to hip. At first I thought a lining might help the skirt hold shape. The lining would just go from waist to hip but that’s a me-made idea, not a 1930s idea. Maybe stay stitching the seams from waist to hip before joining together would keep them from stretching out of shape. I have a few vintage patterns that are loaded with details but none of them are details I need. So, if anyone has any info, please send it my way.


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