Reference book for 1930s Sew-Along with Norma

I’ve spent so much time looking up 1930s sewing techniques without too much information coming my way. It’s definitely time to invest in a good reference book for my Dressmaker’s Library. I’m so pleased to have found just such a book for $16. plus shipping at Amazon. I will now have an authentic source of information to use for Norma’s 1930s Sew-Along.

The book is entitled “Sew Parish Frocks at Home” and was published in 1930. In 2009, the blog “What I found” had a series of 6 postings with descriptions and scans from this book. Follow this link to the first posting. The links to the other 5 are in the right hand list of postings.

It feels good to have a genuine reference book from the period coming to live in my little library. Now I have greater confidence that I’ll get as close as possible to using authentic techniques from the 1930s. I won’t have to spend time searching the web. I can be planning and sewing instead.


3 thoughts on “Reference book for 1930s Sew-Along with Norma

  1. This looks like a really interesting book – should help answer all those technical questions.
    I am still staring at my linen samples trying to decide which one to order. I am going to give myself a time limit – maybe by tomorrow afternoon.

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  2. Please post scans or photos when you make your selection. I’m thinking of making a slip to go with the skirt if I can find a genuine example of how a half slip was made in the 1930s. I’ve seen some 1940s slips that had a metal zipper in the side. It doesn’t seem like they used elastic as much as we do today. I’d think a 1930s slip had a side snap closure.


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