1930s Sew-along with Norma: My outfit evolves

I’m now in 1930s inspiration-land!  Two of the three sewing books I ordered have arrived.  In the evenings I’m going through “Paris Frocks at Home” and “Draping and Designing with Scissors and Cloth 1930s.”  The draping technique is not as complicated as the one I learned in school but it does have many subtle differences that will take time and future projects to get acquainted with.  “Paris Frocks at Home” is just what I need.  This book was published by Butterick Patterns in 1930.  There is a sample pattern used throughout the book to illustrate sewing techniques.  Illustrations show the pattern pieces and construction steps.  How convenient this is proving.

“Paris Frocks at Home” was published at just the point when the styles of the 1920s were over and the 1930s influences were starting.  There is a little of both in the styles shown and I think the combination of elements is just right for the draping technique I will learn as part of this project.  For this reason, I’m going to reconsider the original outfit I posted about.  Since there is so much guesswork taken out of the project if I use the material I now have I’m going to think about making one of the pretty jackets and chemise dress with 1930s flounce at the hemline.  It would help me learn the draping technique properly and take advantage of the construction details in the Butterick book.

I’ll post scans of the new dress.  This time it feels very right.  Little by little it’s coming together.


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