1930s Sew-Along with Norma: The finished drape of my dress

Finished Drape for 1930s Sew-along with Norma.

Now that I’ve been through the process of using the method of draping presented in “Draping & Designing With Scissors and Cloth 1930s” by Sandra Ericson I can say that I like it.  It’s much simpler than the one I learned at French Fashion Academy.  Yet I think that learning a more difficult system made it possible for me to work my way through the gaps in Ericson’s book.



One last detail to work on


The back of the skirt lies smooth against the bodice.


But…the front is slightly bigger than the bodice curve.  I decided to put more pins and steam the fabric after spritzing it with water.  I plan to do this a few more times.  I figure if a sleeve cap can be steamed into shape and shrink a little so it fits the same can be done here.

Next Steps

The hem has settled even more and needs to be evened out.  After this everything is unpinned.  After any changes are thread traced, the drape is lightly pressed and all markings transferred to patternmaking paper.  I’ll show an overview of how that is done in the next posting next week.


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