Coffee Break: Fall 1930 Fashions

During my lunch hour I was researching material for my family history blog.  As I went through the issues of “The Brooklyn Daily Eagle” for 1930, I saw these ads for fashions that were available at Wannamakers, a department store that was located in Manhattan.

I thought it would be enjoyable, and maybe inspirational, if I post ads like this when I come across them.  Hope you all enjoy.

I found the ad for the bra and girdle of great interest because the shape reminds me of how my drape turned out.







What strikes me is the contrast between the girdle and the outer garments.  They look roomy and comfortable.  Yet underneath it all, women were still subjected to boning, elastic and lacing.




“The Brooklyn Daily Eagle”
Brooklyn, NY
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 9
From the Brooklyn Public Library’s Brooklyn Newsstand
URL for this page:







5 thoughts on “Coffee Break: Fall 1930 Fashions

  1. I like the leather jacket. That would be good to wear in 2016.
    I wouldn’t like to wear the step in but then I wonder what future generations will think of underwired bras?

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  2. Yes, and the insertable pads are squishy. Yuk. I’m also not a fan of Victoria’s Secret. I do think, though, that if one starts buying pricey mass manufactured lingerie it might be worthwhile to get it custom made, it it’s within means.


  3. Basically a water bra is nothing more than a set of what my Mom called “falsies” except instead of the foam rubber of her day, these ones are contoured and filled with liquid of some sort. . I think by use of clever details a woman can enhance or play down certain features. This is one of the advantages to sewing and fitting your own clothes.


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