1930s Sew-along with Norma: Fashion trends reported on April 20, 1935

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It’s time for our weekly look into the trends of fashion during the 1930s as reported by The Brooklyn Daily Eagle.  Today’s screen shots come from the Saturday, April 20th, 1935 edition.  Orchids were the flower to wear as a fashion accessory for the Easter season that year.  This seems so extravagant given that the U.S. was still in the midst of the Great Depression.  I wonder if some clever seamstresses found a way to make fabric flowers that looked like orchids.  These fabric orchids could be used  throughout the Spring season and not just for a few days. I can definitely envision them made in silk organza.

I think there are a few good ideas in this report from the Eagle because of the novelty of wearing orchids with tailored suits.  Wearing a real or fabric orchid against a black velvet jacket or dressy white blouse is very dramatic and fresh when we visualize it.  Since orchids are not the usual flower one would wear with a suit, the fabric of the blouse or jacket has to have the right texture and color to be suitable as a background for the orchid.  Some thought and consideration has to be given to this to make the impact of the orchid effective.  For tailored suits I tend to consider a tiny rosebud or carnation more suitable, usually done up in silk or organza.

The Fashion Report for Saturday, April 20, 1935



“With a soft dressmaker type of suit, shown above, two orchids are smarter and newer, worn diagonally at the closing. Flowers this Easter will be worn less conventionally and more becomingly.  The smart hat which the girl above is wearing is made of onion skin straw and trimmed with velvet ribbon.  It’s a Sally Victor model.  The suit is also of American design and is by Helen Cookman.” (illustration on left)

“This girl at the left illustrates the way to wear orchids with an evening wrap.  She is wearing a coat of red transparent velvet.  Her orchids are kept fresh be being thrust into a special orchid pin, which keeps the stems moist.” (center llustration)

“Orchids may be pinned close to the shoulder with this type of suit.  it’s dark blue, making an effective background for the exotic and colorful blooms.  The hat is a sailor of stitched oilcloth with a grosgrain ribbon band.  One orchid is considered smart with a suit, too.  Leaf clips are shown to keep flowers in place and can be used on a coat lapel with excellent results.” (illustration on lower right)

Close-ups of the illustrations





The Brooklyn Public Library
Brooklyn Newsstand
The Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Saturday, April 20, 1935
“Corsage is final gesture for Easter parade:  New Ways to Wear It”
Page 26


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