1930s Sew-along with Norma: More fabric considerations

I have ordered more swatches for the 1930s Sew-along with Norma.  These also come from the Fashion Fabrics Club.

As much as I love all the prints I’ve selected there is an  important detail I have to consider.  The flared skirt has the straight grain on Center Back and Center Front until slightly before the Princess Line on the front and back of the dress form.  After that point the flares begin and the fabric goes on the bias.  This means the pattern will begin to appear on an angle.  And that angle increases at the side seam.  Not only that but some of the florals might form a chevron pattern on the side seam if they are perfectly matched.  I think this would ruin all the effort put into ensuring a good fit for the dress.  Also the flares and line might get lost in the prints.

The resolution is to have the dress in a solid color and select a print fabric for the ties on the front bodice and the sleeves.  Here are the additional fabrics I’ll consider.  Click on the name to go to the FFC site for the full description.


Buttercream Yellow Crepe de Chine


Beige Blue Floral Crepe de Chine


Deep Navy Blue Crepe


Beige/Pink Floral Crepe de Chine


Coral Pink Crepe Suiting


Soft Peach Crepe de Chine


Golden Beige Floral Triple Georgette


Poppy Red Crepe


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  1. I think my comment was lost in the ether!
    I like the poppy red because I think it would spectacular with the pattern. And I’m not thinking of me this time as I have very pink skin tones and couldn’t wear it….

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