Memorial Day Weekend–Taking a break from sewing

Hello everyone! Here in Brooklyn, New York we’re having a glorious start to the summer season. It’s the Memorial Day Weekend. I like to light a candle in memory of the veterans who served our country. After that I take a walk with the aim of cultivating an attitude of gratitude for the sacrifices made.

My walk took me along Ridge Boulevard in Bay Ridge. The variety of architectural styles is many. On one block you can feel like you’re in Tudor England and just a few blocks away will be colorfully painted mansions that remind you of a Mediterranean villa. Gardens are full of roses in bloom and the trees are already rich with deep green leaves.

As you walk closer to the Shore, houses begin to have fountains in the front gardens. I’m reminded of all the loving care that goes into keeping a house and garden in good condition. I’m reminded after a walk like this that many whom we don’t know work behind the scenes to keep us safe so that we may enjoy our homes, gardens and have the time to reflect on the meaning of holidays such as Memorial Day.

Rather than going out and mingling with the crowds I take the feelings gathered during my walk and channel them into my sewing or other crafts. Yesterday I decided to work with the flowers I dried in a mixture of cornmeal, borax and uniodized salt. The result is the floral circlet in the last photo. I never follow a pattern when making one of these. I just let Spirit guide me. The aim is to create something imperfect and rustic that serves as a reminder that nothing we create is ever perfect or finished. There’s always supposed to be something we see needs improving so we remain motivated to keep bettering our skills.

Photos of the homes and gardens along Ridge Boulevard and Shore Road in Bay Ridge Brooklyn

Circlet of Flowers

The base is made of florist’s wire shape into a circle several times and then bound with more wire. It is then covered with tightly wound hemp cord. The dried flowers are joined together by more wire and then fastened to the circlet with separate pieces of wire.


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