1930s Sew-along with Norma: Breakthrough! We have a bias bound V-neckline at last!

The heat and humidity continue to slow down my sewing and time on the laptop each evening.  But, last night after my sewing session was completed I wanted to sing, “Good golly, Miss Molly!  We’ve got a v-neckline with bias binding at long last.”

Thanks to Carol and Norma I’ve been encouraged to persevere in Norma’s 1930s Sew-along.  Their support, research and sharing of techniques helped me come up with the way of solving the problem of  the V-neckline for my 1930s dress.

I believe that our collaboration has resulted in the development of a technique that others will find useful should they run into the problems I had when using more conventional methods of applying a double or single layer bias binding.  I’ve done most of the sewing by hand following Norma’s recommendations based on her lovely handmade linen top for the One-year-one-garment challenge.  For these reasons I consider the technique a fusion of dressmaking and couture.

This leaves only the zipper as a deviation from the 1930s garment construction.  It is necessary, though, because the entire garment looks so much better now.  Since the dress doesn’t have to be pulled over the head I reduced the amount of style ease and raised the V-neckline to a more modest level above the bust.

I will create a formal tutorial once the dress fabric is cut.  Photos of the new toile with the pretty v-neckline and sleeve finished with bias binding will go up as soon as I finish the side seams and put the sleeve in.

The interaction and discussions I’ve had with Carol and Norma are similar to what we used to do in French Fashion Academy.  If anyone is curious about what it’s like to take a dressmaking course or workshop, the postings and comments about this neckline are something like that.  You’re constantly challenged and encouraged.  What you read in books is put to the test and often one person’s insights, another person’s suggestions and your own thinking process come up with ways to interpret the findings and reach a solution.


4 thoughts on “1930s Sew-along with Norma: Breakthrough! We have a bias bound V-neckline at last!

  1. That’s so exciting! I’m glad it’s worked.
    It’s definitely a two way street – I get so much from the remarks and suggestions that you and others make.
    I plan to post about my new 1934 skirt this weekend – I am so longing to wear it but I have to wait for winter….

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