1930s Sew-along with Norma: Buckle and buttons arrived


Thank you Norma, for encouraging me to get the green glass buckle for the 1930s Sew Along.   The buttons finally arrived and I was knocked out by what a great match they are to the buckle.  Both are Czech glass and deemed vintage by the respective Etsy sellers.

I had to wait for the buttons to turn up as my package acceptance service kept telling me.  Two weeks had gone by and even though the post office got a signature for the delivery the envelope was nowhere to be found.  Finally, the little envelope with the tiny box containing the buttons “turned up” after I showed up to find out what was wrong.  It’s a good thing the seller wrapped these buttons so well.  The envelope had fallen into a space between the wall and a table where deliveries are stacked up.

The buckle dates to the 1950s but for some reason it reminds me of Art Deco.  It might be the grooves in the circular shape of the buckle that adds to that impression.  The buttons could not be dated but I think these, too, are 1950s or perhaps 1940s.  Together I think these will add a nice touch to the dress.

The buckle and buttons are weighty.  I have to figure out how to strengthen the rayon challis so that it will work up into a good belt for the dress.  I have a belt making kit with everything I need but I have to think about how to back and stabilize the rayon challis.  Since we’re going for 1930s techniques I can’t rely on a fusible.  I’ll need to see what kinds of under linings or interfacings were used in that time period.




4 thoughts on “1930s Sew-along with Norma: Buckle and buttons arrived

  1. They look lovely – glad you got them.
    A heavyish weight linen might support the fabric for a belt instead of iron on interfacing. I use fabric scraps as interfacing generally & it’s suprising what support you can get from them.

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