Pattern Diagram: Hooded Robe

Norma and I had exchanged comments about hooded robes and cloaks.  I offered to upload a pattern diagram for a hooded robe that does not require advanced skills in drafting.  The instructions call for about 3 yards of terry cloth or cotton flannel but I think if you can locate very large bath or beach towels you might be able to use those for the robe.

The pattern is from “Reader’s Digest Complete Guide To Sewing” published in 1978.














6 thoughts on “Pattern Diagram: Hooded Robe

  1. This is really good. Thanks for sharing it. I must look out for a copy. I’ll start looking out for fabric too.
    I have a copy of the Vogue book, 1970 I think. It’s been invaluable.

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    • Yes, I do encourage you to look for a copy of “The Reader’s Digest Guide to Sewing”, Naomi. I’m not sure how any of the scanned material will print out but at least you get an idea from it.

      I love my copy of the Vogue book. Between the Vogue and the Reader’s Digest reference books I’m in a good place. Their diagrams and explanations are perfect.

      As much as I love the fine finishes of couture sewing, Claire Shaeffer’s books remain very dense and the instructions and diagrams are not something you can get right into.

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