Easing into 2017, the RetroGlam way!

Happy, Happy New Year to all my blogging friends, subscribers and sojourners on the fashion quest to blend retro and modern styles.  My wish is for all to enjoy good health, mental clarity and focus for all creative projects.  May 2017 be a year of progress and improvement for all!

I went to Washington, DC over the Christmas weekend to take a much needed rest and retreat.  I stayed at a family style guest house that was so comfortable I spent the time after breakfast and before lunch reading and napping.  The book that accompanied me on this trip was the bio of Mary Quant.  I was not disappointed.  Mary’s voice and outlook immediately drew me in.  I still have a way to go but plan to make a short posting about the book once I resume regular blogging here at WordPress.

For now I’m easing into the New Year by continuing the lovely practice of a late morning nap on Saturday morning.  I hope I can adhere to this schedule because the effects are proving very beneficial to me.  During my trip to Washington, I spent the morning of Christmas Eve in a small nail salon that had a tech with a magic touch.  She gave an exquisite facial and neck massage that sent me back to the guest house feeling brand new.  She knew that I had a hectic schedule and was slightly sleep deprived by the way I kept dozing off during the pedicure.  She told me that if I only miss a few extra hours of sleep during the week, I can make it up on a weekend by napping that number of hours.  So, for example, if I only get 5 or 6 hours of sleep one night instead of 7 or 8, I should make up the time by taking a 2 hour nap on the weekend.  I’ve no idea if there is any scientific basis for this but the practice of a regular nap sounds very restorative to me.

Which brings me to the subject of this posting:  creating a mood of RetroGlam even when relaxing at home and indulging in a bubble bath or a leisurely nap.  I think it is too easy to allow the opportunity for small indulgences to slip by.  I often fall asleep in my jeans with a messy heap of the quilt and sheets on my sofa bed when I take a nap.  I’m going to try and make the nap something special.  The bed will be the same but I’m going to make it neat and perhaps buy a good pillow with a pretty pillow case.  Next a comfy pair of pajamas or a special nightgown just for nap time.

I found the following ads in the February 25th, 1945 edition of “The Brooklyn Daily Eagle”.  I think the bedroom décor and the housecoat convey something of what my dream room and lounge attire would be if things moved at a slower pace.  Even if they remain as they are, there are still a few ideas here that I may adapt to my bed and naptime or lounge wear.  Even a small touch such as a special tea cup or coffee mug and a silky duvet can add a touch of RetroGlam if these items harken back to our mother’s or grandmother’s generation.  I hope this gives you some ideas…

Bed Linens and Curtains from Abraham & Strauss, 1945


Spring Change for your bedroom–in quilted chintz

    Single Spread 14.95                 Draperies, pair             12.95
Double Spread 15.95                 Dressing Table Skirt   9.95

Pillow Sham 4.95

It’s time for your bedroom to blossom–and what could be prettier than these slick glazed chintz trappings?  The bedspread has a completely quilted top and quilted cuff around the flounce.  Draperies are 2 3/4 yards long. the print is full of flower-garden colors,  ontrasted with petunia pink, morning glory blue or leaf green.  A&S Draperies, Fourth, Central.  Mail, phone orders filled.

Convenient Payments Arranged On $24 Or More.

House Coat from Martin’s


Wrap yourself in Roses on
Crisp Glazed Chintz

A housecoat to put the lilt of Spring into your home life.  the beautiful natural-looking roses scamper all over the snowy white background.  And it’s charmingly styled with soft side-drape and ruffled yoke-line.  the chintz is permanent finished for safe washing.  and you can have blue, yellow or pink roses.  Sizes 12 to 20.  8.98

Negligees–Martin’s Street Floor

Martin’s, Fulton At Bridge Street, Brooklyn 1


Ads from the February 25, 1945 edition of “The Brooklyn Daily Eagle”
Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Newsstand

Ad from Abraham & Straus Department Store
page 5

Ad from Martin’s Department Store
page 6





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  1. I like the idea of trying to make little things special – and big things too. I am thinking of getting rid of stuff that doesn’t feel special (and isn’t useful, of course). Wonder how much would be left? I’ve been reading & trying the Konmari tidying method & it’s based on that idea.
    As for naps, the theory sounds wonderful. I have read that naps were how Winston Churchill managed to have the energy to lead the UK through the Second World War.

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