Spring Break 2017

Happy Springtime to all!  I will be taking a break until mid-May.  It’s the time of year I love to go on long walks, take photos and catch-up on my projects.  By spending less time on-line it is possible to really sharpen awareness of the seasons, their changes and the subtle differences in how we perceive the world around us.

I’m coming into the home stretch–at last–of the 1930s Sew-along with Norma.  Completion has been stalled due to work obligations and a family history project but nonetheless, it has been a rich learning experience.  Another thing I have learned is that half-ball buttons with a shank, like the ones I just covered with fabric, need buttonholes or button loops to remain in a standing position.  I had thought I could just sew them onto the vertical dart and create the look of a mock closure but that did not work out.  I now have 10 pretty buttons for a future project and learned how to deal with shiny fabrics in this process.

I will work on the belt during Spring Break using instructions from Reader’s Digest Guide to Sewing.  I plan to take step-by-step photos to share when I return.  I think actually seeing how the instructions from a book work out is always a good way to share what I learn.  Photos show more than line drawings from a book.

I leave you with these pretty photos and a poem about Spring. …

“First Signs Of Spring”
by Emile Pinet

I woke to the tinkling of melting snow,
flowing from my roof to the ground below.

And a robin’s chirp, in a near by tree,
sounded like he was serenading me.

The rising sun was wearing a warm smile,
that made my getting up seem all worthwhile.

I opened my window to sniff the air,
and sure enough it smelled like spring out there.

My yard was dabbled with patches of green,
and my snowman had all but fled the scene.

Tulips and daffodils poked through the ground,
and soon there floral beauty will abound.

A tepid, gentle wind, caressed my skin,
and I felt the shift in seasons begin.



Public Domain Photos

Lambs in a meadow

Lilacs and Peruvian Lillies


“First Signs of Spring”
by Emile Pinet


8 thoughts on “Spring Break 2017

    • I thought about you when I found the photo of the little lambs in the meadow. Yes, I felt a little sad that the buttons didn’t work out. This just shows, though, how many little details that I used to know but forgot about during my long break from sewing while my Mom was sick. Anyway, it’s all coming back. I’m looking forward to sewing something for myself once the new dress form comes in. This rest is already doing me good. I feel much better. Most of my exhaustion is due to the long commute to our head office. I make the trip 2-3 times a month for one full day each time. It’s the travelling that does it–a total of 6 hours in one day. The train line has been having many problems and delays lately. It’s the only direct route to the office so I have to do the best I can and rest up on weekends.

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      • Sounds hard. No wonder you’re tired a lot of the time.
        It would be lovely to see something you’ve made for yourself. I can’t imagine not making for myself – it’s like breathing. I make more things than I show but I have learned from our sewalong and oneyearoneoutfit to slow down. Better but fewer clothes and more loved.

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      • I understand that so well. It’s the quality not the quantity. When we take time to make something turn out really well we can wear it with confidence.

        It will be good to get on with making my own outfits in addition to the size 4 for the portfolio. I’d like to do another 1930s outfit but might wait on that to get started with making a fitting toile using my own measurements first. Sometimes I can run two projects concurrently but right now I don’t think that’s a good idea. It looks like my commuting will continue to be a problem. The line had another derailment on Good Friday!

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      • It is the New Jersey Transit Northeast Corridor line. I go to penn Station to get it. My destination is Hamilton Township. From there I use Lyft to get to the new office in Pennington. It is further out from Princeton where the office used to be.

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