1930s Dress Completed! Meet Miss Norma N. Carol

Hello to all my WordPress friends and blog subscribers.  I am very happy to introduce you to Miss Norma Naomi Carol, the name I selected for the dress I’ve finally completed for the 1930s Sew-along with Norma.  I love selecting a name for an outfit I have completed.  I chose this name as a way to say thank you to the three WordPress bloggers who have seen me through this year long learning experience.  Norma started it with the challenge to sew a 1930s style using techniques appropriate to the period.   Carol generously provided material from her research which she posted at her blog and some which she emailed me during the early stages of the sew-along.  Naomi gave me ongoing support and encouragement as I worked my way through the stumbling blocks and challenges that come with going outside one’s usual repertoire of sewing techniques.  I hope you will accept this homage as my way of saying “Thank You Very Much!”

I will let the photos do the rest.  .  .


I decided that since this is an interpretation of a Depression Era style, accessorization should be very simple and kept at a minimum.  For that reason I chose a simple pair of pearl earrings with a bow made of rhinestones that works with the orange-yellow buds in the print of the fabric.  The other accessory is a reinforced belt with fabric covered buckle and snap closure.  Thread loops were created in the color of the belt to downplay their presence on the dress.



Here she is, Miss Norma Naomi Carol












20 thoughts on “1930s Dress Completed! Meet Miss Norma N. Carol

  1. Oh I am so touched Em! How lovely of you!
    And how wonderful to see your creation in all her resplendent glory. What will you do with her? And what will you make next? I can’t wait to see.
    In the meantime I hope you have toasted her maiden voyage on the dress form and sat down for a good solid “pat and sniff” (this is a term coined by my family for the satisfying motions associated with finishing a big project – sewing or otherwise.


    • I am delighted that you are sharing my happiness. Miss Norma completes my portfolio. I hope to do something connected with custom dress making after I retire. That is a way off. Either I will make simple patterns to donate to a dressmaker school or use my portfolio as a teaching tool. I have learned that there are centers in some countries like Turkey where refugee women are taught dressmaking as a trade to help them earn a living in the host country. I believe this is a beautiful path to go but have yet to explore if there is an interest. In some way even this blog might help because of the tutorials I could create. We will see.

      I am now ready to start making clothes for myself. My custom sized form is coming in 5 weeks. It is like waiting for a baby. My skills have come back so its time to go forward. I do cringe a little when I think of seeing a form that will be my shape. Now we will all learn about fitting a little pear shape with sloping shoulders!

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      • But the advantage is that you can wear the outcome! We all have our fitting challenges and your skills will master those to create beautiful garments for yourself.
        Your ideas and portfolio sound just wonderful. If I go back on your blog will I find more examples from your portfolio?

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      • Right now everything is embedded in the postings. I have to gather the photos of the 4 outfits and put on a page of their own. You can search for the fitting toile since it’s the basis then the Dirndl Dress, Secretary Blouse and Sheath Skirt, and Miss Norma N. Carol. I have put in a lot of tags so if you’re patient you’ll find them. And yes, I’m looking forward to making my own fitting toile. We can compare them to the Size 4 and you’ll see a big difference.

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  2. How sweet of you – that’s lovely! It’s been an amazing challenge and I’ve enjoyed the learning, the chats and the project generally.
    You got a lovely dress out of it too!

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  3. Oh wow, how lovely to see your finished product from a year’s hard work. You must be so happy! The belt is such a great finishing touch, I enjoyed reading your previous post about the making of it. Have you worn your outfit out yet?

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    • Hi Georgeia! How are you and baby? This dress is for my portfolio which is why it’s a standard size Misses 4. I’ve gained some weight which I’m happy about. My sewing skills have come back. I plan to start making for myself once more. I’m getting a custom sized form in 5 weeks. I’m looking forward to making the basic toile. Once that’s done woo-hoo! I can start making things for myself. We can learn through the challenges I’ll share. I’m a mess to fit. A Misses 4 on the bottom and a Junior 7 on top.


  4. Congratulations on finishing it, it looks wonderful! You must be so pleased and proud of all the new techniques you learnt. So much knowledge to take you forward. I’ve very much enjoyed following along on your journey.

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    • Oh, Cate, you made my day, especially since you are so expert a vintage sewista and stylist! I’m looking forward to getting my own sized dress form. Once I get the fitting toile finished I have some difficult decisions. Should I make a 1930s style or 1950s style? We’ll see…


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