Future plans and possibilities: 1940s-1950s Housedresses

In two weeks my custom sized dress form will arrive.  I am filled with anticipation because a new phase is beginning.  I will be able to start making dresses, skirts and blouses for myself now that my sewing and fitting skills have returned.

The first step will be taking measurements and then making the fitting shell.  Once this is taken care of the enjoyment begins.  My imagination is dancing around so many things but I have thought through what I need and want.  Need is more practical and means I will actually wear the result much more often.  So I will go for practical and make it a fun process.

I’m at a point in life where I’m very tired of jeans and jeggings.  In real time I’m on the move a lot with frequent travel by subway and commuter rail lines.  Anyone who has lived in or visited New York and New Jersey knows that this kind of travel is hard on clothing.  Jeans, t-shirts, Hollister and Aeropostale styled jackets and canvas messenger styled shoulder bags and flat shoes are more suited that pretty, feminine outfits.  Since travel is becoming more and more expensive in the area and between states I am cutting back on all outings and social meet-ups that require too much travel time and outlay.  I live in a lovely area and have so much to discover in my area.  With a pretty studio apartment I call home I want to find time to live a little more slowly and gracefully.

With this in mind I plan to change my style and enter into a kind of practical version of RetroGlam for weekends and days off.  I want to leave off the jeans, messenger bags and zip up jackets and connect to a more softer style that expresses who I really am.  I am considering making one or two housedresses.  One for Spring – Summer and the other for Autumn – Winter seasons.  In the past women wore these pretty dresses while cleaning their homes and going out shopping.  I think that the style can be adapted for modern use so that the house dress can move beyond cute and girly into a fun and flattering style suitable for any casual gathering or time at home.

Here are some newspaper clippings and pattern envelope illustrations of styles I’ll take some inspiration from.  I hope you will enjoy the beginnings of my new adventure which is slowly starting.

Housedresses Late 1940s-Early 1950s







4 thoughts on “Future plans and possibilities: 1940s-1950s Housedresses

  1. This should be really interesting. I like the one with diagonal button closure very much.
    I wear jeans a lot because they are practical but I’ve been trying to change the look with tops made by me rather than teeshirts. I will post a picture.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your dress form.


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