Josephine Muro Serrapede, late 1920s.

This blog is dedicated to my late maternal Grandmother Josie. She taught me how to sew and was my ongoing teacher throughout my teens and continuing into my thirties. From her I learned the all important lessons on good fit and the importance of fine finishes.

Emily Leatrice Serrapede, mid-1940s.

It is also dedicated in memory of my beloved Mom, Emily Leatrice Serrapede. My Mom always said, “Fashion is about the passing trends but style is always about YOU!” She believed that style is a natural expression of an individual’s personality. When a look required too much work and created too much preoccupation with the effect then it was definitely not about style and should be left off. I think my Mom’s approach stands the test of time. I still follow her advice and that of my Grandma Josie today.

EmilyAnn when she has the time to dress up with her dress form “Mary Ann”.

I hope that Retro Glam will help other sewistas and fashionistas learn as I progress through projects which will incorporate some of the best elements of the 1920s-1960s with the comfort and ease of today’s styles.

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