My Inspiration Room

We all need a place to dream, to create and to retreat into. I have taken my late Mother’s combination library/bedroom and turned it into a library/sitting room. This is the place where I read through her collection of illustrated children’s books and my own books on patternmaking, fashion history and sewing.

Dandy Lion is not a real cat but there are times he appears like one. I enjoy placing him on the chair and watching people’s expressions when they come over for the first time.

There is abundant sunlight in the afternoon which makes this room a good place to evaluate the fitting and look of a garment when it is on the dress form.

At night the reproduction Tiffany lamp casts a beautiful glow on the reading corner of the room. I feel very sheltered and at ease when I relax here late at night.

SandyLion rests with a vintage Benji plush toy dog on top of a wicker trunk. The latchwork pillows were made by my Mom. I love keeping her things around so that I always recall something good about our life together.

Fitting a toile or judging how a fabric will look when draped over the dress form sometimes requires much bright light and a little distance. On a brightly lit afternoon, I will sit at the other end of the room to view the dress form, sometimes turning it in different directions and stepping back. It is good to evaluate the fit from distance and different angles.

My Mom left me her vintage Monsieur Giraud dolls. They have music boxes inside. When I have time on a very quiet morning or evening, I take the dolls out and listen to the lovely music play. Often, I feel in touch with another time and place.

Arranging all the little treasures and collectibles my Mom left me for her curio cabinet helps me center and focus on the present moment. Often I get ideas for new design projects during this time.


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