1930s Dress Completed! Meet Miss Norma N. Carol

Hello to all my WordPress friends and blog subscribers.  I am very happy to introduce you to Miss Norma Naomi Carol, the name I selected for the dress I’ve finally completed for the 1930s Sew-along with Norma.  I love selecting a name for an outfit I have completed.  I chose this name as a way to say thank you to the three WordPress bloggers who have seen me through this year long learning experience.  Norma started it with the challenge to sew a 1930s style using techniques appropriate to the period.   Carol generously provided material from her research which she posted at her blog and some which she emailed me during the early stages of the sew-along.  Naomi gave me ongoing support and encouragement as I worked my way through the stumbling blocks and challenges that come with going outside one’s usual repertoire of sewing techniques.  I hope you will accept this homage as my way of saying “Thank You Very Much!”

I will let the photos do the rest.  .  .


I decided that since this is an interpretation of a Depression Era style, accessorization should be very simple and kept at a minimum.  For that reason I chose a simple pair of pearl earrings with a bow made of rhinestones that works with the orange-yellow buds in the print of the fabric.  The other accessory is a reinforced belt with fabric covered buckle and snap closure.  Thread loops were created in the color of the belt to downplay their presence on the dress.



Here she is, Miss Norma Naomi Carol












Free Flat Patternmaking Instruction Booklet for Downloading

I highly recommend this instructional booklet which is available for download. The pattern drafting instructions are accompanied by very clear technical drawings. This is worth a review, especially in view of how expensive hard cover patternmaking books can be.

A Manual for Practical Work in Fashion Studies-Class XII
by the Central Board of Secondary Education, 2, Community Centre, Preet vihar, Delhi-110 092.

Download this PDF file at: http://cbse.gov.in/faClass-xii.pdf

*Includes Flat Pattern Drafting Instructions for Basic Fitted Bodice, Skirt and Sleeve.
*Dart Manipulation is covered.
*Garment Construction for collars, sleeves, cuffs, plackets and skirts is included.
*List of sewing supplies for each section covered.
*Questions to help develop skills for analyzing pattern and fitting problems.
*Measurements for Standard Dress Forms that can be used to draft the patterns. Sizes are 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44.