The Dressmakers Form

Manufacturer’s label on my Misses Size 4 dress form.

A professional level dress form is one of the best investments you can make. It can be custom made in your size or you can buy the Standard Dress Size that is closest to your own measurements.

Wolf Dress Form with collapsible shoulders and adjustable stand.

The expense of the professional dress form is well worth it for many reasons. The collapsible models let you dress and undress the form easily. The firm surface permits the pinning and draping of material on the form. The adjustable stand allows you to raise the form higher or lower. This is especially helpful when making skirts for a petite or tall woman.

Another advantage of having a professional dress form is that if and when the covering becomes soiled or worn with age, you can get the form recovered by the manufacturer. It will come back as good as new for about half the price of a brand new form.

Playing with fabric. A scarf arranged over the dress form to help facilitate visualization and draping skills.

The durability of the professional dress form is another reason to invest in its purchase. Also, the base has wheels which make moving it around very easy. The form, in time, becomes like a friend you look forward to spending time with as you arrange and drape fabric during creative play time that also teaches about the interaction between fabric, body and space.


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